Save Moon Glow Lake
                An effort to preserve one of the last natural habitats in Hoover/North Shelby


We need your voice and your support! 

Your attendance is very important.

Please attend:
Hoover City Council Meeting
Monday, March 18, 2013 at 6:00 p.mat

Hoover Municipal Building (Corner of I-459 and Hwy 31 across from the Galleria)
100 Municipal Lane
Hoover, AL 35216

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Aerial map view of Moon Glow Lake

See the beauty of Moon Glow Lake


2-19-13 Update:

Click here for the audio replay of the Hoover Planning and Zoning meeting on February 11th.

2-5-13 Update:

  • A second revised rezoning application was submitted to the City of Hoover by Signature Homes.  
  • The number of residential units has been reduced to 109 units from 121 units on the previous revision.
  • This revision removes the lots on the north side of the potential school site.

1-18-13 Update:

  • A revised rezoning application was submitted to the City of Hoover by Signature Homes.  
  • The number of residential units has been reduced to 121 units from the original plan of 151 units.
  • There are now planned (on 69 acres of the total 91 acres) 115 lots from 75 to 80 feet wide and between 90 to 115 feet in depth which results in lots of 7200 to 9000 square feet (0.165 to 0.20 acres per lot). There are 6 lots of approximately .75 acres adjacent to The Sanctuary.
  • There are 9 acres located near the cellular tower on Caldwell Mill Road that will be rezoned into Hoover later and 13 homes are currently planned for that area which will be a part of the total development. 
  • The density will be 2 to 5 times denser than Woodford.
  • Based on the currently submitted units there will be at a minimum of 10 trips per home per day times (121 +13) units = 1340 car trips per day.  These figures are based on accepted standards for single family homes.
  • No traffic study has been submitted by the developer to show the impact of this development to traffic flow, safety and any needed changes to the area roads, such as traffic lights, turn lanes or other changes.
  • The 9 acre lake will be used as a storage basin.
  • The lower lake will be filled to provide a place for the proposed school.
  • The status of the Hoover Board of Education buying the 12.3 acres north of the intersection of Jaguar Drive and Caldwell Mill Road as a future school site is unknown at this time. 
  • There is no indication from the developer what could be placed on the 12.3 acres in lieu of the school if the land is not purchased by the Hoover Board of Education.

11-19-12 Original Rezoning Filing:

  • The original application indicated an initial development of 69 acres of O'Neal Steel Inc. property located off of Caldwell Mill Road near Jaguar Drive that backs up to homes in The Sanctuary at Caldwell Crossings and homes in Woodford on Berkeley Drive, Berkeley Way, Woodford Drive, Woodford Lane, Woodford Place, and Woodford Circle.   
  • The developer's plan is to rezone this property from Agriculture District (1 home per 3 acres) to Planned Residential Development (PRD) that allows up to 10 homes per gross acres.
  • The plan for 69 acres shows 151 residential units (approx. 6 units per acre net density) and a Community Building and Pool.  
  • There is a total of 91 acres which includes 9 acres to be zoned into Hoover to be a part of the development at a later date,
  • 12.3 acres is being considered as a possible future grammar school site which is located north of Jaguar Drive and adjacent to Caldwell Mill Road.
  • 9 acres of Moon Glow Lake will remain with the lower 3 acre lake being filled to provide space for the school, lots and roads.

Everyone in the area should be concerned about the NEGATIVE IMPACT this development WILL have on our quality of life, home values, neighborhoods, safety, roadways, wildlife, and the environment!

Gross density: A units-per-acre density measurement that includes in the calculation, land occupied by public rights-of-way, recreational, civic, commercial and other non-residential uses.
Net density: A units-per-acre density measurement that includes in the calculation only land occupied by residential uses. It does not include streets, parks or other uses.